Monday, 20 August 2012

My Design Process

I chose to use my Eucalyptus flower design as my final piece. This is the design process that I used:

-sketch the design

Sketching with Copic Markers
-refine design and chose what colours to use
Final Design

-trace design onto stencil


-use Stanley knife to cut out stencil
Cutting out the Stencil

-materials that I used

Jo Sonja's Textile Medium, Acrylic Paints, Fabrics Paint, Stanley Knife, Stencil

-stick stencil to fabric stretched over a wooden frame

First Trial

-use the 'dry brush technique' to apply fabric paint to the fabric

Dry Brush Technique

-first trial (this didn't work because you need a firm back, the fabric over the canvas was to 'bouncy' and the paint bleed through the lines)

First Trial

-second trial, this one had cardboard behind it and it worked much better 
Second Trial

-colour trial

Dark Pink and Grey

 -stencil onto a European pillow case
I am using a European Pillow Case for the Final Design

-finish stencilling the design

Final Stencilling

-heat set the fabric paint

Using an Iron to Heat Set the Fabric

-final result
Final Presentation

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