Wednesday, 12 September 2012

CIRCUS Fabric Collection

Here are all the designs for the CIRCUS fabric collection. If you are interested in any of the designs, they are available as products from Society6 and Spoonflower.

Circus Parade- red
Circus Parade - black

Circus Stripes - black

Circus Stripes - red

Circus Tents - red

Circus Tents - black
Circus Words - black

Circus Words - red



I have recently discovered Society6. It is a great website where you can upload and sell your own images. Society6 will turn your artworks into gallery quality prints, iPhone cases, iPod, iPad and laptop skins, t-shirts and more. They use only the highest quality materials and will deliver the items to your buyers.

I uploaded some of my textile designs and was really happy with the results. If you want purchase any of my products please follow this link .

Clocks - Laptop Skin

Eclectus Love - iPhone Case
Circus Words - Stationary Card

Circus Parade - iPad Skin
Circus Tents - iPod Skin

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Albury Wodonga Fabric Collection

It has been a hectic few weeks but I have finally finished all my fabric designs. Here are the fabrics from the Albury - Wodonga collection

Eucalyptus on Unbleached

Clocks - red
Clocks - black

Library Museum - taupe
Library Museum - orange

Train Tracks - charcoal
Train Tracks - brown and grey

Wattle - yellow

Willow - green

Friday, 24 August 2012

Screen Printing My Own Fabric

During my work placement at 'Ink & Spindle' I showed Tegan and Lara the fabric designs I made for my assignment. They then let me design and create my own silk screen print, when they didn't need me to do any jobs for them. I decided to challenge myself and design a peacock motif. It took half a day to draw, and a whole day to cut out, but the end result was worth it.

Sketching the Peacock
Cutting out the Stencil

Screen Printing

Heat Setting the Fabric

Peacock in Ocean Blue

Going to 'Ink & Spindle'

Work Placement: Wednesday 22nd August – Friday 24th August
'Ink & Spindle's Studio
I arrived at the Young Husband building at 11 o’clock for my first day of work placement
While I was there I undertook any job Lara or Tegan gave me. Some of these jobs included
-Wrapping bundles of fabrics to be delivered to customers,
-Cutting up sample squares of fabrics
-Taking out the rubbish
-Cleaning the dishes
-Making tea
-Learn how to fold 'fat quarters' -Watch Tegan and Lara print fabrics
-And clean used screens

I learnt a lot about the design industry from watching these two creative designers and listening to what they had to say. It was a great opportunity and I would defiantly do it again if i had the chance. 
Folding 'Fat Quarters'
Cleaning a Screen with a Pressurised Hose

Watching Tegan and Lara Print Some Fabric

Monday, 20 August 2012

My Design Process

I chose to use my Eucalyptus flower design as my final piece. This is the design process that I used:

-sketch the design

Sketching with Copic Markers
-refine design and chose what colours to use
Final Design

-trace design onto stencil


-use Stanley knife to cut out stencil
Cutting out the Stencil

-materials that I used

Jo Sonja's Textile Medium, Acrylic Paints, Fabrics Paint, Stanley Knife, Stencil

-stick stencil to fabric stretched over a wooden frame

First Trial

-use the 'dry brush technique' to apply fabric paint to the fabric

Dry Brush Technique

-first trial (this didn't work because you need a firm back, the fabric over the canvas was to 'bouncy' and the paint bleed through the lines)

First Trial

-second trial, this one had cardboard behind it and it worked much better 
Second Trial

-colour trial

Dark Pink and Grey

 -stencil onto a European pillow case
I am using a European Pillow Case for the Final Design

-finish stencilling the design

Final Stencilling

-heat set the fabric paint

Using an Iron to Heat Set the Fabric

-final result
Final Presentation

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Work Placement

For another TAFE assignment I had to do at least a days work placement at a design company. 'Ink & Spindle' have allowed me to travel to Melbourne and join their team for a few days, to learn what the design industry is really like. Not only does this allow me to complete my work placement assignment, it will also help me with my previous mentioned assignment (to design a fabric based on 'Ink & Spindle's design process). I can also show them the fabric that I have designed and get their opinions.

I went to 'Bright Sparks' today and heard about different creative fields and how to enter the design history. I attended a workshop about how to create a brand and logo, very interesting!
Bright Sparks Program and Ticket

Friday, 10 August 2012

Creating My Own Design

I have decided to design two different fabric print collections for my assignment. The main collection is based on the surrounding area of my home town, Albury-Wodonga, as 'Ink & Spindle's designs are based on their home, Melbourne. Taking inspiration from the surrounding area fulfils part of my assignment, where we must follow the design process of our chosen company. the second collection is inspired by the circus, which recently passed through town.

Sketching with Copic Markers in Class

Last week in class I came up with some design ideas and started sketching them.

Willow Leaves, Eucalyptus Flowers, Circus Parade
Over the next few days I decided what I wanted in each collection and drew some other designs.


Willow Leaves

Circus Parade