Sunday, 29 July 2012

Design Process

In today’s class we discussed how companies have a design process.  These are generally different from company to company, depending on their style, ethos and area of design.  By going through my notes, from talking to Tegan Rose, and visiting the website, I have learnt ‘Ink & Spindle’s design process.

Hand printing the fabric
*Discuss possible designs over the print table
*Sketch designs
*Refine and finalise the designs
*Scan onto computer and make repeats

*Print colour sample onto fabric

(While the designs are all hand drawn they also use computer programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator to create their pattern repeats, which are 50cm to 70cm squares)

To create the final products the screens are exposed and the designs are hand printed by Lara and Tegan. Their designs are simple and only require two colour separations. They use overprinting, screen flips and displacement to create beautiful results from only a single screen. The fabric is then heat set to seal in the ink, packaged and sold. The fabrics are made into unique pieces by local furniture manufactures.
Locally manufactured lampshades

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